Refractive Surgery and LASIK Vision Correction FAQs - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you are considering Lasik vision correction or another refractive surgery procedure with Dr. Steven B. Koenig at the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we would like to answer all your questions and encourage you to become as informed as possible before making any decisions about refractive surgery. Please review the information provided below and contact the Eye Institute with any additional questions.

General Concerns

Why should I choose Dr. Koenig as my refractive surgeon?

Dr. Steven Koenig is a fellowship-trained corneal surgeon who has performed thousands of successful Lasik procedures, offering the most up-to-date equipment and software. He performs the evaluation, surgery, and sees you personally for each follow-up appointment. Dr. Koenig is the only Lasik vision correction surgeon in the Milwaukee area to be repeatedly selected by his peers to appear in “Best Doctors in America®” as well as "Top Doctors in Milwaukee" voted by Milwaukee Magazine. Dr. Koenig’s focus is quality over quantity, recognizing that on average one out of five individuals are not ideal candidates for refractive surgery. Dr. Koenig’s conservative approach and meticulous screening process allow you to achieve your PERSONAL BEST VISION ™.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for refractive surgery?

Millions of individuals worldwide have enjoyed the lifestyle-enhancing benefits of refractive surgery. However, Lasik is not for everyone. If you are considering refractive surgery, contact the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Steven Koenig. During this thorough two-hour evaluation, Dr. Koenig will take extensive measurements of your eyes to determine if Lasik is right for you.

To find out if you are able to schedule a Lasik evaluation, please take our “Am I a Candidate” quiz or call (414) 955-7902.

Will I need reading glasses?

As the eye ages, the lens loses its flexibility and becomes unable to focus on near objects. Most people between the ages of 40 and 50 begin to need reading glasses. If you have iLASIK, this will still happen as you are sacrificing some of your near vision to gain better distance vision. The exception to this would be Monovision surgery.

Please click here to learn more about Monovision.

What are the costs?

Fees - Dr. Koenig has a set fee for each procedure that is discussed at your first visit. There is a fee of $150 for the evaluation. This is a separate fee and will not be applied to your surgery fee. 

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