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Dr. Steven B. Koenig, Lasik surgeon at the Eye Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has helped thousands of individuals realize the life-changing effects of vision correction surgery.

Lasik Eye

The WaveLight® System Advantage

Dr. Koenig uses the WaveLight® Refractive Suite, which combines today's most advanced surgical technologies, optimized for each patient's individual, ideal vision.

WaveLight® technology allows Dr. Koenig the ability to create a "map" of your eye to capture its unique features, a major advantage over earlier LASIK procedures. This enables him to customize the procedure in order to get the best results for your vision.

WaveLight® technology offers the most advanced laser system available. It is trusted by surgeons all over the world and designed to deliver consistent, effective results and provides:

  • Smooth treatments
  • Great accuracy
  • Proven safety profile
  • Multiple treatment options

Before Your Procedure:

Before any surgery is performed, Dr. Koenig will personally conduct a thorough evaluation of your vision to see if you qualify for laser eye surgery. This involves:

  • Testing your vision
  • Mapping the shape of your cornea
  • Screening for eye diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts or diabetic retinopathy
  • Measuring corneal thickness, eye movement and pupil size
  • Assessing the back of the eye

During Your Procedure:

After you receive anesthetic drops to numb your eyes, Dr. Koenig will employ the WaveLight Refractive Suite to perform the laser correction.

Step 1: A flap is created by gently lifting a thin layer of tissue from the cornea. This makes the cornea easier to reshape.

Step 2: The laser reshapes the cornea using energy pulses based on your unique profile, which allows incoming light to be precisely focused on the retina.

Step 3: The corneal flap is then laid back into place and acts as a natural bandage to help your eye heal.

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

Dr. Koenig offers an alternative to Lasik, known as Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). This procedure is usually chosen if your corneas are too thin, too steep, or too flat to proceed with conventional Lasik.

The main difference between Lasik and PRK is that while Lasik involves a flap, allowing the correction to be made to the inner layer of the cornea, PRK does not involve a flap and the correction is made to the surface of the cornea.

After the procedure, patients wear a protective contact lens for one week, allowing sufficient time for the eye to heal.  Recovery of enhanced vision is slower with PRK when compared to Lasik. However, long-term improvements with vision are identical to Lasik.


As the eye ages, the lens loses its flexibility and becomes unable to focus on near objects. This natural aging process, known as presbyopia, typically begins to develop around the age of 40. Monovision is a surgical option to help reduce a presbyopic person’s dependency on reading glasses. Dr. Koenig typically corrects the dominant eye for distance, while the other eye is left slightly nearsighted, to allow for near/reading vision. The brain will learn to rely solely on one eye for distance vision and the other for near vision. Monovision is a middle-of-the-road solution between perfect distance vision and perfect near vision. Patients who choose monovision must often compromise some degree of sharp distance vision in order to avoid reading glasses.

It is important to remember that presbyopia is a progressive condition. As you get older, you may still need reading glasses, especially for more demanding tasks such as reading fine print. While monovision works well with most patients, not everyone is able to easily adjust. During your personalized evaluation, Dr. Koenig will be able to help you determine if monovision is right for you.

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